Food as Medicine… We can all self heal!


I am a firm believer of consciousness and integrating that in to all aspects of your life. When you bring consciousness to what you eat and the manner in which you eat it many things can come to surface, if you allow them.

Much of this awareness was brought to me as I was in India studying Ayurveda. I often have suffered from the eat on the go, eat anything now because I am starving disorder. I never thought that this manner of fueling my system could have an effect on how my body was processing the food. If i was consuming food in a hurried rushed manner, then perhaps I was not allowing my body to fully absorb the amazingness of the food.

Obviously this isn’t possible everyday all day, but beginning to take a moment before you eat, to think about what you are eating, the thoughts going through your head as you are eating it, and why you are eating. Are you doing so to fulfill a need, a desire, something lacking in your life? Or are you eating it with the intention to fuel, heal and nourish your body?

On another side note, I have always been a huge fan of food and using food to heal. There are healing properties in EVERYTHING we eat and drink, and if there isn’t perhaps its not something we need to be consuming. More recently the distrust in the western medical system has only continued to multiply and grow. I am a firm believe that illnesses often come from harbored feelings, unresolved business, and if we bring consciousness to these things, and eat right we could self heal with the power of the mind and the garden.

I recently read an article about a doctor who closed his practice to open up a “Farm-acy”. This idea, although may seem foreign and crazy to some, is something that we have lost touch with in the United States, and this man bringing some light to the issue, especially from his background, is inspiring.

One day I aspire to have a space somewhere in the world where people can come learn how to heal themselves through the power of thought, herbs and food. For the mean time, please enjoy my thoughts, and share yours with me. I am grateful for all of your feedback and thoughts. Check out this article about the Farm-acy!


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