About me

Amanda has always been a cultural chameleon, having traveled to many corners of the world and spent years living with different indigenous cultures, studying, volunteering, and traveling. As a Peace Corps volunteer from 2011-2013 she had the opportunity to fully integrate herself into nature, way beyond her comfort zone, and began to peel away at the layers of defense and fear that modern society had brought on.

Throughout her explorations she noticed that many cultures had something in common, they all had some sort of cultural teaching, mantra, or movement practice to help guide individuals find the inner divine knowledge. After working in the health and wellness industry in San Francisco, she began to see that there was a big lack of connection between the physical and the mental health. This inspired her to seek deeper understandings, ultimately leading her to India to study Ayurveda and dive deep in the origins of Tantra through the traditional Kaula system of Tantra at Shri Kali Ashram. She continued exploring the world of traditional medicine through studies of Herbalism and continues to complete her studies to becoming an Ayurvedic Health Coach.

Amanda’s intention is to share her knowledge of health, wellness and wholebody nourishment as a guide for others to find their own path to their own inner bliss.

She believes the foundation of our wellness begins with nature and our relation to it. Through the appreciation of all things in nature and integrating consciousness into all aspects of one’s life, you can be guided to find your own fountain of inner bliss. Amanda shares her passion of wellness through the teachings of Ayurveda, plant medicine, tantra, and yoga with the hopes to continue to expand consciousness, love and help guide others to access their inner healing light.