It all starts with you…


I am an ACE personal trainer as well as a certified Spin and TRX instructor and I draw much of my passion for fitness from my 20+ years as an athlete in the Bay Area. Before leaving on my personal journey in joining the Peace Corps in Panama for 27 months, I taught at different gyms across San Francisco specializing in Spin and Abdominal core training classes. This work soon earned me the nickname of ABS-manda, given the dedication I put forth towards helping my clients in reaching their “six pack dreams”. I hold my B.A. in Communications from the University of California Santa Barbara and have completed 25 certified hours of Swedish massage training. Exploring the world and learning new languages is one of my favorite past times, and have led me to be tri-lingual speaking English, Spanish and Portuguese. I have a passion for helping others reach personal life, health and fitness goals, traveling the world sustainably, being positive and caring for the environment. Living a simple conscious lifestyle is important to me as is giving thanks on a daily basis for all of the amazing life experiences that have bestowed upon me. I feel that through helping others attain their health goals I am able to give thanks back to the world.

I am currently available for private online personal training and fitness consultation helping you reach your personal fitness and life goals. If you find yourself Somewhere traveling in the world, particularlly in Europe or central America in the next few months please feel free to reach out to me as well, as I will be traveling! For pricing or further questions please contact me via email at



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